National Nanny Recognition Week is coming up soon!

This year SEPTEMBER 18th-24th, 2022


NNRW was started in 1998 by Mary Clurman, what began as an effort of few now spans hundreds of professionals the last full week of September each year. NNRW continues to focus on the positive, quality aspects that nannies bring to their charges and jobs every day; and for parents and agencies to say “Thank You” to these wonderful caregivers.

Parents, here is how you can show appreciation to your Nanny during NNRW :

  • Say thank you
  • Have the children say thank you
  • Let your Nanny leave earlier
  • A surprise day off
  • Extra time off
  • Treat your Nanny to breakfast or dinner made by the family
  • Pay for dinner out with friends
  • Gift basket of favorite treats
  • Gym membership
  • Gift card to favorite store
  • Movie tickets
  • Massage or SPA day
  • Pay for CPR Training
  • A raise
  • Extra cash

Remember : one week is too short to celebrate Nannies! Nannies work hard all year long and they deserve their employer’s appreciation all year long!

Here is how you can also show appreciation to your Nanny all year long :

  • Pay your Nanny fairly
  • Have a contract
  • Provide actual benefits
  • Respect their time
  • Communicate with your nanny
  • Teach your kids to acknowledge your nanny’s work
  • Say thank you after each visit
  • Tip your nanny extra for a rough day with the kids
  • Cover the cab fare after a late night


How will you honor your nanny this year?

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