Candidate F.A.Q.

Is Jobs for Nannies a Nanny Agency ?

No, Jobs for Nannies is not a Nanny Agency.

Jobs for Nannies is a job board that allows Nanny Agencies to post their vacancies.

It is also an online recruitment platform that allows private families to post their candidate search and helps them recruit their nannies without going through an agency.

How much does it cost to use Jobs for Nannies as a candidate ?

Absolutely nothing! Jobs for Nannies is 100% free for candidates.

Candidates just need to create a free account in order to use the platform.

How to apply for a job offer ?

In order to apply for a position on Jobs for Nannies, you must log in to your account, or you need to create an account if you don’t already have one.

If the job you’re interested in was advertised by a private family, you will need to message the family and send them your application via the platform. You can do so by filling the application form below the job description.

If the job you’re interested in was advertised by an agency, you can also send them your application via the platform. Alternatively, you can visit their website, and contact them via their website, or contact them directly by email.

How can I view the latest job offers ?

New jobs are being added daily on Jobs for Nannies.

To view the latest job offers, we recommend that you check the website every day.

You can also join our mailing list in order to receive job alerts by email.

You are also invited to follow us on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin).

Are the jobs advertised real ?

Yes, Jobs for Nannies approves all agencies before they can post on the platform.

Jobs for Nannies also verifies private families listings. We verify the identity of each family before they post on our platform, however we cannot guarantee that families will offer good enough conditions and that they will be serious employers.

If you are not comfortable with a family, simply do not go ahead.

If you notice anything suspicious or any abuse, please, email us to let us know.

I applied for a job but I didn’t get any response, why ?

We know that not getting any answer is very frustrating, unfortunately, this happens a lot.

Both agencies and families receive a high volume of applications, and it’s difficult to reply to everyone. They usually choose to reply only to candidates who match their criteria.

It can take just a couple of hours to get a response, but it can also take several weeks, even months!

​To increase your chances to get a response, we advise you the following :

  • Apply for a job only if you meet all of the family’s requirements and if you are legal to work in the country of employment.
  • Submit your application once only and wait. If you do not hear back from the recruiter within once month, you need to consider your application was unsuccessful.

​Please, do no submit your application again and again until you receive a response, as this will not look very professional.

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