There are many reasons why a nanny chooses to terminate a relationship with their employers. If you are aware of the reasons, it may be easier to avoid them and help lengthen and strengthen your relationship with your nanny.

Reason #1 is Salary and Tax issues (poor compensation, always getting paid late, not being paid on the books or not getting overtime pay, never getting a raise etc…)
Reasons also include :
  • Poor communication and Lack of feedback
  • Increased responsibilities or Unrealistic expectations
  • Demanding work load and hours
  • Being overworked or Growing schedule
  • Lack of respect and appreciation
  • Challenging children or Different childcare philosophies
  • Being micro-managed or Toxic work environment
  • Poor benefits / Work related expenses issues
Reasons may also include :
  • Job creep
  • Lack of support
  • Family dysfunction
  • Family relocation
  • Feeling isolated
  • Personal life change
  • or a better opportunity!


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