If you are a Nanny (live in, live out, full time, part time, temporary, long term, night, travel, experienced or not etc…), YOU NEED TO HAVE A CONTRACT!

Nanny contracts are beneficial to both nannies and families.

Contracts protect legally both parties if anything is to go wrong.

Contracts are a simple and straight forward way to set expectations and boundaries while serving as a guideline for what to do in situations.

This document is something that you can go back and refer to should there be any questions or problems.


These are some of the key things to include in your Nanny Contract!


✅ Start date & length of the contract

✅ Location of employment

✅ Number of children and ages



✅ Hours and days worked

✅ Guaranteed Hours



✅ Duties & Responsibilities for Nanny & Outline Expectations of Parents

✅ Additional Duties (For example : Any extended family travel)


Salary & Compensation

✅ Hourly rate

✅ Overtime & Overnight Pay

✅ Travel Rate

✅ Payday & Pay schedule

✅ Banking Hours clause

✅ Taxes

✅ Salary review

Sickness & Vacation

✅ Holiday Entitlement

✅ PTO / Paid Holidays

✅ Sick Leave / Personal Days

✅ Compassionate Leave

✅ Professional Development days

✅ How to handle Payout of unused vacation / sick days

Other benefits including, but not limited to

✅ Insurance

✅ Health insurance stipend

✅ Continued education funding

✅ Gym / Pool membership etc

If Live in

✅ Description of accommodation provided

✅ House Rules

✅ Food allowance

✅ Guideline on Private Time & Space

Expenses & Reimbursement

✅ Mileage reimbursement or Use of a Nanny car

✅ Travel Card

✅ Food

✅ Kids Activity & Supply

Termination & Redundancy

✅ Trial period

✅ Termination with and without cause

✅ Notice period

✅ Discipline Expectations / Warning Procedures


✅ Privacy Expectations

✅ Social Media

✅ Personal Information Disclosure

✅ NDA clause

✅ Defamation


✅ New addition to family

✅ Family Relocation

✅ Nanny pregnancy

✅ Family Separation

✅ Inclement Weather Days

Don’t forget the C Word clause! ✅ Covid 19 / Pandemic Clause

It is so important to go through your contract carefully and make sure you’re happy with everything – not checking can lead to serious problems later…

Remember : if you’re not happy with something that you read, please bring it up to your employers and make sure to talk everything through before signing…

Please, never start working for a family before signing a contract!

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