Here are 15 tips that will make you a great nanny employer!

Be clear about your expectations

Do not expect the nanny to clean up messes that happened while they were off the clock

Make sure your nanny is not overworked and that they have some down time during the day

Dismiss your nanny on time and make sure you give as much advance notice as possible with any needed schedules changes

Be flexible whenever possible and respect your nanny’s time outside of working hours

Pay your nanny fairly and on time

Have a contract and pay your nanny on the books

Cover all business expenses (mileage, lunch etc…) and provide benefits

Be an approachable boss and communicate often

Give your nanny feedback

Respect your nanny and show your appreciation

Work as a team and avoid micromanaging

Set healthy boundaries and keep the relationship professional!

Give incentive and help with your nanny’s education

Provide a written reference when the position ends

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