Our tip today is not for nannies looking for work, but for families looking for a nanny… because we often help several agencies advertise the same job, which is sometimes tricky…

Families often think that the more agencies are working on their search, the more potential candidates they will find, and therefore the quicker they will find a nanny!

Absolutely not! When you hire multiple agencies to fill a position, you’re only making their job more difficult and you’re hurting your chances of finding the ideal candidate.

Agencies generally prioritise the roles they have the best chance of filling, not the roles that are already with many other agencies…

Besides, it can be a red flag for candidates when they see that the same job is with many agencies, and when each agency advertise different conditions… and you can miss out on great candidates for this reason!

If you want to find a nanny as quickly as possible, no need to search with LOTS of agencies, you just need to search with THE right agency!

You need to look for an agency that covers your area and that specialize in the type of position you are offering.

Once you have found this agency, it is better to give them exclusivity so that the search is more efficient and to increase your chances of finding the ideal nanny!

You can always use our Nanny Agency Directory to find agencies!

If you want more options, you may want to post on a job board (some agencies can vet candidates you have found on your own for you!) or activate your network and spread the word!


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