Unless you are a British citizen or British national, you need a visa to live and work in the UK.

Before Brexit, EU nannies were permitted to work in the UK without the need for a work visa. After Brexit this is no longer possible, EU citizens cannot work in the UK without a “settled or pre-settled status” or without a visa.

After Brexit, EU citizens are still allowed to work in the UK but they need to obtain a visa. The most common work visa for the UK is the Skilled Worker visa.

The requirements for obtaining a Skilled Worker Visa are very strict and the process can be lengthy. It’s difficult to meet all the requirements and most candidates are actually not skilled enough to qualify for the UK Skilled Worker Visa, therefore UK-based families who want to employ a nanny generally don’t sponsor visas.

Since Brexit, UK-based families looking to hire a nanny only consider local candidates or candidates who already have a visa that allows them to work in the UK.

Even if the position is temporary or rotating, a visa is now required for EU nannies wishing to work in the UK.

US Nannies do need a visa to work in the UK too, like EU citizens.
Basically, if you do not hold a UK passport or if you do not have a “settled or pre-settled status” there is no point in applying for a UK-based nanny role, your application will not be considered and you will just waste your time…
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