Lots of candidates share their previous employers names on their CV (or on our platform when they create their profile) and this is a major mistake they are doing! Some candidates even share their referees details on their CV (full name of past employers, address, email, phone number)… 😱😱😱 and that’s even worse!

Here is why you shouldn’t share previous employers names (and contact details) on your CV :

When you work as a Nanny for a private family (no matter if they are VIP / High Profile / HNW / UHNW or just regular people), you must be discreet and respect confidentiality. Even if you haven’t been requested to sign a confidentiality agreement, you are expected to respect confidentiality!

When you share previous employers names on your CV, you show the person reviewing your profile that you do not understand the concept of privacy. Some families might even turn down your application because they would rather miss out on a good candidate than have their name and contact information sent all over the place.

What if you have the family’s permission to write their name on your CV? You still shouldn’t share that information on your CV because you will be seen as someone unprofessional.

Some nannies share their previous employers names on their CV because their previous employer is famous and they think that it is a plus for their application to mention that they have worked for this particular public figure…NO! If you want the person reading your CV to know that you have worked for someone in the public eye, you need to say it without saying the name of the person you worked for.

For example, if you write “Royal Family in Saudi Arabia” or “Celebrity Family in Los Angeles” or “VIP family in London”, people will understand that you are VIP / High Profile experienced… and they will also see that you respect confidentiality!

Finally, it’s a very bad idea to share previous employers names on your CV, because these information might be used, or I should rather say “misused” by some recruiters so… beware!

As far as our platform is concerned, we do not approve any Nanny profile that contains previous employers names or contact details. We always delete these information before adding the profile to our database!

Thanks for reading and do not hesitate to comment!

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