Nannying is a wonderful job!

Here are 10 Nanny Myths you shouldn’t believe :


Myth #1

Nannying isn’t a real job / Being a Nanny isn’t a serious career choice

Myth #2

Nannies are glorified Babysitters

Myth #3

Anyone can be a Nanny

Myth #4

People are Nannies because they can’t do anything else

Myth #5

Nannies are only for the wealthy / Only wealthy people can afford Nannies

Myth #6

Nannies just get to play all day

Myth #7

Nannies shouldn’t get paid during naps or while the children are sleeping

Myth #8

Nannies are independent contractors

Myth #9

Nannies are too expensive

Myth #10

Men can’t be Nannies

If you like working with kids and you want to be a Nanny, don’t let those myths stop you!


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