We often see nannies applying for LIVE-OUT jobs very far from them. For example candidates based in Chicago or Arizona applying for live-out jobs in San Francisco, or even worse, candidates based in France or the UK applying for live-out jobs in Australia or the US…This is completely ridiculous!

Yes, sometimes, families could find a nanny faster if they would offer accommodation, but here’s the thing : families looking for a nanny are not obligated to provide housing or offer relocation. If a position is advertised on a live-out basis, and if accommodation or relocation are not explicitly offered, you need to make sure you can commute to work before applying!

If you apply when you can’t get to work, not only will you be wasting your time, but the person receiving your application may also think that you’re a dumb candidate or that you have no common sense, and who will want to entrust their children to you then?

Nannies, sometimes, while you may love a job opportunity, you have to be realistic : if accommodation is not offered and if you can’t commute to work, it doesn’t make sense to apply.


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