Many nannies seeking work overseas wrongly assume that because their passport allows them to travel to a certain country for a holiday without a visa, it also allows them to work in the country… absolutely not!

If you meet all the job requirements for a position in Europe, the UK or the US, but are not authorized to work in the country of employment, you will not be considered for the role, regardless of the suitability of your application!
It’s even one of the first things that employers and recruiters will check, and if you’re not authorized to work in the country, they will not go ahead with your application because they know they will be wasting their time.
It’s also very important to target agencies that cover the countries where you are eligible to work, agencies will not be able to help you otherwise.
Here are some of the most common examples we see on our platform :
If you are a EU or UK nanny, it’s useless to apply for job in the US or to register with US-based agencies, your applications will never be successful. Only US passport holders and Green Card holders can be considered for nanny jobs in the USA
Before Brexit, EU nannies could work in the UK without any visa, and UK nannies could work in EU countries without any visa. 
This is no longer possible. Since Brexit, if you are a UK passport holder, it’s useless to apply for EU-based positions. And if you are a EU passport holder, it’s useless to apply for UK-based positions. Your applications will never be successful either!
We also see a lot of US nannies getting it wrong : they think that because they do not need a visa to spend a holiday in Europe or the UK, they don’t need a visa either to work in Europe or the UK. They are very mistaken, US nannies can work in Europe without a visa but, still since Brexit, they cannot work in the UK without a work visa. All the US nannies who keep applying for UK-based positions are just wasting their time… once again their applications will never be successful.
If a nanny agency or a private family is considering your application for a position based in a country where you are not eligible to work, that’s actually a red flag!
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