Sometimes Nannies don’t even need an interview or a trial to decide if they want to work for a family. If they read between the lines, deal breakers can show up at the description stage.

The biggest deal-breakers are obviously pay and hours, but not only…

Here are 5 other deal breakers that we often see in nanny job postings and that make candidates want to do anything… except apply for the job :

Work from home parents.
There are a lot of WFH parents seeking nannies since Covid and lots of nannies don’t want to work with WFH parents because it makes their job harder.

This is sometimes required in fully staffed households, for example. Nannies want to be comfortable when at work and they may mind if they cannot wear whatever they like.

Not being able to choose the dates of your vacation or not being able to split your holiday over the year.
That’s an issue for many nannies, and it’s normal : what’s the point of having a vacation when you don’t need it?  And families usually don’t take vacations only once per year, so how fair it is to expect that from the nanny?

Parents who assume that if you are overweight, you cannot run after a toddler or carry a baby up the stairs.
Lots of families want nannies who are “fit” or “sophisticated”. First of all it’s discriminatory. Second of all, you can be simple and fat and be an amazing nanny! It’s just not good when a family judges candidates on their physical appearance rather than their experience, skills, and qualifications…

Cooking for the parents and doing parents’ laundry.
If cooking and laundry for the parents is required, it’s not a nanny job, it’s a nanny/housekeeper job, and nannies are no housekeepers! Generally, Nannies choose this profession because they enjoy taking care of children, not taking care of their parents…

Of course, there are many other deal breakers for nannies, so what are your deal breakers?


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