Nannies, make sure to delete these items from your CV to improve your chances of being shortlisted!

  • Your personal details such as such as your social security number, marital status, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or spiritual beliefs This information could lead to discrimination, so you shouldn’t include it.
  • All about your children, your childhood, your family, your pets It’s great if your mom was also a nanny, and if your dad is an excellent cook, and if your own children are achieving good grades at school, and if your rabbit’s name is Carrot etc… but – with all due respect – no one cares.
  • Your hobbies and the list of all the countries you visited It just wastes space for more valuable elements of a resume and again nobody cares.
  • Full mailing address It’s a security concern, your current location is enough.
  • Non-professional email address It’s inappropriate to use on your job applications.
  • Irrelevant work experience Employers don’t want to sift through a list of jobs that don’t relate to the position they’re trying to fill.
  • The names of the families you worked for This may show that you do not respect confidentiality.

  • Your references You can provide them when requested later in the hiring process.
  • Spelling errors, grammar mistakes and typos These can show that you are not attentive to detail.
  • Blatant lies Recruiters and employers are not dumb, if you’re lying on your CV, they will find out…
Adding extra stuff to make your CV longer can hurt your chances of getting noticed.
These items don’t add value to your application and can work against you!
Keep it short and to the point by only including what matters.
Stick to relevant information that showcase your skills and experience!
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