Nannies, be sure to avoid those 10 mistakes when job searching or you’ll never find a job…



It’s important to be clear about the work you are seeking.

If you apply for everything (nanny, governess, newborn care specialist, live-in, live-out, part-time, full-time, permanent, temporary, French-speaking, Spanish-speaking, Arabic-speaking, Mandarin-speaking etc…) everywhere (London, UK, France, Monaco, USA, New York, Los Angeles, Peru, China, Saudi Arabia etc…) it’s going to be difficult to take you seriously because it’s not possible that all these different jobs are right for you.

Spamming your application everywhere doesn’t work to find a job. You need to show recruiters that you are not desperate and that you have an area of expertise!



You don’t need to send LOTS of applications to find a job, you need to send SUITABLE applications!

Once you know what you want, you must apply for jobs that meet your criteria and you must apply only if you genuinely meet ALL the requirements.

It’s important to be honest with yourself, not every job can be a good match, and not every agency can help you find the right job. It’s also important to target agencies that specialize in the type of jobs you’re looking for.



When families have specific languages requirements, you must apply only if you speak the required languages at a native level. Families (serious families at least) do not want Spanish nannies to teach English to their children or Portuguese nannies to teach French to their children. They want native speakers with a flawless accent!



Keep in mind that visas are NEVER sponsored for jobs in Europe, the UK and the US!

Candidates wrongly assume that because their passport allows them to travel to a certain country for a holiday without a visa, it also allows them to work in the country… absolutely not!

Only Middle East jobs can possible come with visa sponsorship.

Apply for jobs in Europe, the UK and the US only if you are legal to work to work in the country of employment or you will just waste your time.



Families are under no circumstances obliged to provide accommodation or offer relocation.

It should be obvious, but if the position is live-out and if accommodation or relocation is not explicitly offered, you must apply only if you can commute to work.

What’s the point to apply for a live-out position in San Francisco when you are based in Atlanta or in Europe? Recruiters may think you’re a dumb candidate if you cannot commute to work but apply anyway.



Lots of candidates only read the salary or only seek the word “ROTA” in the job description.

It’s normal to want a great work-life balance and it’s normal to want a good salary. However it can be a red flag for recruiters if you’re only applying for ROTA positions or six-figure positions.

ROTA positions aren’t the only positions that offer a good work-life balance. And there are so many positions that pay less than 100K per year, but still offer a generous salary!



It’s important to keep in mind that not all families hiring nannies are the same.

When they get the opportunity to work once for a VIP / High Profile / HNW / UHNW / Celebrity family, some candidates then find it unacceptable that a family does not own a private jet or yacht and feel insulted if they are offered a position with a family that does not jet set and that does not lead a luxury lifestyle… That can also be a red flag for recruiters if you only care about working for celebrities and VIP / High Profile / HNW / UHNW families…

All that glitters isn’t gold! There are many regular working parents who are looking for nannies and have amazing positions to offer with decent conditions!



No two jobs are the same, so if you want to increase your chances to get an interview, you need to tailor your resume to the position you’re applying for!



While your education, skills, and experience are important to recruiters and potential employers, so, too, is your attitude.

Communicate respectfully and demonstrate professional behavior if you do not want your attitude to impact your job search!

Families want nannies who will be a positive role model for their children, and nobody can recommend you for childcare if you exhibit aggressive, threatening, harassing or insulting behavior, or if you spend your time participating in slanderous posts on social media.



Posting the same message every day in facebook groups, saying that you’re looking for a job won’t get you a job. Nobody will get back to you with your dream job.

You must not wait for jobs to come your way, you need to be proactive in your job search.
You need to search for opportunities on your own and contact recruiters.


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