Nannies, like this post if you agree that these things can help you decide if a nanny agency is a good agency to work with as a nanny!

  • They do not charge nannies any fees
  • They are transparent with candidates and do not make false promises
  • They negotiate fair salary and benefits for their candidates
  • They ensure that their candidates will not be overworked
  • They ensure that their clients will offer a contract that complies with the law
  • They ensure that their clients will not pay their nanny under the table
  • They screen both candidates and clients
  • They do not discriminate candidates
  • They don’t just care about getting your references and getting in touch with your former employers
  • They do not use the contact details of their candidates’ references for business purposes
  • They don’t push candidates to take a job just so that they can earn their commission
  • They offer nannies ongoing support throughout the nanny placement

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