Yes! Your nanny has the right not to want to accompany you on your trip… and they should still receive their weekly wage or guaranteed hours if they don’t want to go.

If the nanny does not accompany you on your vacation, it is okay to ask them if they will be willing to take their paid vacation at the same time. If however, you are planning a trip on short notice, or the nanny needs to take a vacation at a different time, they should be paid regardless.

If you consider those 5 things before traveling with your nanny, they will surely be happy to accompany you on your trip!

#1 Remember that all travel in which the nanny is asked to accompany your family must be mutually agreed upon

#2 Remember to compensate your nanny at an additional rate when traveling and make sure to compensate for overtime as well

#3 Remember that your nanny is on the job, so this is not a vacation for them.

#4 Provide your nanny with their own accommodations for the trip and remember that they are entitled to breaks.

#5 Remember that all travel-related expenses (airfare, meals, accommodation, visa, travel insurance etc…) must be covered by you.


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