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NATIONWIDE SEARCH: Falls Church, VA- Super sweet family just outside of DC is seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-IN NANNY for their two magical, sweet & kind daughters, ages 5 and 2.5 years old. They are expecting their third baby in May/June 2023!


First and foremost, they are looking for a nanny who delights in their children and who will form a strong, loving bond with them. They want their children to feel safe and loved above all else. Their oldest daughter has cerebral palsy. Someone with experience with physical or occupational therapy would be a huge blessing. Any experience with special needs, whether from family, social, or professional capacities, is a benefit. However, they have learned all that they know “on the job” as parents, so at a minimum, they are looking for someone with the heart, willingness, and capacity to learn.

Their daughter is working toward independence and her only disability relates to mobility. The care she requires is less palliative (taking care of her because she can’t do it for herself), and more therapeutic (working with her to build coordination, strength, control, and confidence to do more things). Hand in hand with that, they are looking for someone with an athletic background or the physical capacity to care for her. She is ~35 lbs now and the job requires things like carrying her up and down the stairs and lifting her on/off the toilet or high chair. She likes to do as much as she can by herself, which is exactly what we want, but along her journey, she still requires physical help with a number of things.

Their eldest is an old soul with a great sense of humor. She goes to pre-school daily with frequent disruptions for therapy. School is from ~8:30-2:15 most days, with a shorter day on Wednesday. Typically, she has Physical Therapy after school on Monday and in place of morning school on Thursday. Other therapy sessions and doctor appointments crop up and they fit them in. She has quiet time from 1:30-3:00 when home, or from 3:00-4:00 after a full day of school. Their youngest shares her older sister/s determination and is always busy at home. They are considering a light preschool schedule beginning in January, and will definitely be in preschool starting in September (when she is 3). Generally wakes up between 7-8, play and activities all morning. Lunch at 11:45, nap from 1:30-3:30 or 4:30. Dinner at 5:30, bath at 7 and bed by 8:30.


Their past experiences have taught them just how important communication is. They are looking for someone who is willing to both speak up and listen, and who can both articulate their ideas and concerns and receive theirs as well. As you build your working relationship there is a lot to organize and they are committed to finding a rhythm that works for all of you, and that will require consistent two-way communication.

They value initiative and attention to detail. Once you are all aligned on goals and priorities for their girls they appreciate someone who can identify needs and opportunities and make good decisions. Someone who can notice things out of place around the house or things that might need to be done, and just take care of them. But also, someone who notices something the girls are struggling with and comes up with creative solutions.

They would like someone who is creative and maybe has past experience thinking of activities for their kids when they are home. They would like for you to attend many of the therapy sessions and be eager to learn the different activities and exercises proscribed. Best of all is being able to come up with fun activities, later on, that incorporate certain movements or exercises from therapy that allow them to play while exercising.


They would also like to have a relationship with their nanny and for you to be a part of the family! They enjoy having meals together and checking in when you cross paths on the weekend. They appreciate some flexibility as well, as the younger one is still going through several transitions from home to school (soon) and the older one has a doctor and therapy schedule that sometimes shifts around. They try to keep the schedule as stable as possible, but each season may come with an adjusted schedule, and sometimes we have to shift it around for a few days in a week. Candidate must be flexible and easygoing overall.

They believe that a person needs predictable downtime and personal time to be their best self, and to bring their best energy during their “on” time. Yes, they do require flexibility, but they make every effort to create an organized, healthy schedule. Their younger daughter has a pretty regular schedule but will make some transitions to part-time and full-time preschool soon. The older one has periodic disruptions to the normal schedule (usually planned, not emergencies) that require us to alter a day’s schedule from time to time. Their current schedule works best with a block of work in the morning, a break in the midday, and a block of work in the afternoon to early evening. You are typically working an 8-8.5 hr day. Pay is commensurate with experience, $25/hr, housing, food & utilities.


The primary responsibility is the children. You will be responsible for all duties pertaining to them (laundry, light housekeeping, cooking, etc.) Sometimes, for instance, when grandparents are visiting, the workload shifts more toward general family support and we will from time to time ask you to complete heavier child-related tasks. An example would be, between seasons, sorting and storing all the children’s summer clothes and bringing out the correct-sized winter clothes for them. Your living area is in the basement (renovated a few years back) and has its own bathroom with a heated floor. It’s nice! There is a full-size lightwell, as well, that gets all the afternoon sun. Ideal candidates can start in January 2023/ Open to helping assist with relocation!

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