Special Needs Nanny in Frederick, Maryland

Type of Job

Live in or Live out

Published Date

June 9th, 2022

Job Location

Frederick, MD

Published By

The Nanny League

About the Agency

About the job

NATIONWIDE SEARCH: FREDERICK, MD- The sweetest family with two girls, ages 4 and 6 years old, is looking for a FULL-TIME LIVE -IN or LIVE-OUT NANNY to join their household. They live in a new suburban neighborhood just 5 minutes drive from downtown Frederick, MD. There is a large public park accessible via a walking path from our neighborhood, which provides several playgrounds, baseball fields, walking paths, open space, picnic tables, and river access for wading or kayaking. Our neighborhood also has a small neighborhood park. There are many amenities and activities in the area that can be easily accessed via a short drive. Their main goal is to find a long-term caregiver who will primarily provide care for their eldest daughter with special needs while also providing more minimal care for their independent-minded younger daughter. Hours are M-F 8:30AM-6:30PM. They are looking for someone who is extremely professional, patient and nurturing. Ideal candidates has a strong background in working with, and or a passion for working with children with special needs, especially those with physical disabilities and emotional disturbances.

Their oldest daughter, who is 6 (turns 7 in December) has a genetic micro-duplication that has led to global developmental disabilities. She has epilepsy that is managed by medicine but has occasional (1-2x/year) breakthrough seizures as she outgrows her dosage. She is largely nonverbal though can communicate if she wants something and knows some words and phrases to indicate wants, desires, and feelings. She requires physical therapy (muscle strengthening), occupational therapy (learning to hold a crayon, use utensils etc.), and speech therapy. This is all provided by her school as well as through the Kennedy Krieger Institute, which is a special needs hospital associated with Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. They would like to hire a nanny who can help expand on these learned skills from PT, OT, and speech when she isn't in class while also providing a nurturing, calming environment. Generally, she is very happy six year old who operates at the mental level of a two year old. She frequently picks up new words and uses them over and over again and enjoys telling everyone she spends time with that she loves them. She loves and craves physical contact and is a huge fan of books, walks, and general exercise. She loves being on the move, working on her strength, and her favorite outdoor activity is definitely being on the swing-set. While she is generally very happy, we are looking for someone who can help with behavioral strategies as she occasionally has outburst when she is frustrated. This ranges from her sitting and refusing to get up and move if she doesn't want to do something, to yelling if she doesn't want to change activities, to swiping at objects on table tops around the house to show that she is angry. These outbursts are not frequent, but can be expected 2-3 times per day. They are hoping to find someone with experience dealing with similar behaviors and who can help her learn to regulate her emotions.

Their youngest will be attending camp most days during the Summer. She is a precocious four year old and is very typical of children her age. She is very curious about the world, asks lots of questions, has boundless energy, and has made lots of neighborhood friends, so often has children coming over to play or goes over to their homes to play in the afternoons. She can be stubborn since she is four years old, so she often tries to push buttons and see what she can get away with. She also struggles with eating healthy meals, which is something they are working hard on.

Ultimately, they are looking primarily for someone who is looking for a long-term placement. They would love to find a nanny who can be a part of our family for many years as they want both of our children, but especially their eldest daughter to have a consistent caretaker presence. They are looking for someone who is comfortable with some physical labor (getting their daughter into her car seat, picking her up off the ground when she sits down and doesn't want to move, changing diaper etc.) and very comfortable using their hours with herd to focus on expanding her learning, whether that's replicating PT and OT exercises from her school and Kennedy Krieger or whether it's reading a book and working on playing with toys. The parents are fully comfortable with occasional TV and movie-watching but prefer physical activity and mental stimulation as much as possible! Overall, we are looking to find someone with patience, a love for children, a desire to help those with special needs, and someone who can also help with some light chores around the house when not working with the children, such as keeping the house clean, doing laundry, and dishes.

Lastly, they would like to hire a nanny who would be comfortable traveling with them on family vacations to provide care for their eldest daughter during our travels. They typically have 2-3 vacations/year, each roughly one-week long. Otherwise, if the nanny would be willing to occasionally do overnights (very infrequently) that would also be preferred. Pay is open, commensurate with experience + PTO. OPEN TO PROVIDING RELOCATION ASSISTANCE. They also have one Goldendoodle, so must be dog-friendly!