Spanish speaking Live in Travel Nanny in NYC, Miami & worldwide

Type of Job

Full time Live in

Published Date

May 6th, 2022

Job Location

NYC & Miami

Published By

British American Household Staffing

About the Agency

About the job

A lovely family of four based out of NYC and Miami is seeking a fantastic live-in nanny to join them on their worldwide travels. The schedule for this role is flexible and will depend on the family's location and workload. Candidates should understand that there will be times that are very busy and will require long hours, and this will be balanced out by time off when the schedule is lighter.

The family has two children, aged 1 and 2, and the position will encompass all aspects of their care. Both parents will be in and out of the home throughout the day, so the nanny should feel comfortable working alongside parents, and also with full-charge care. The nanny should understand the dynamics of a high-profile and busy home, should know when to step in and out as needed, and should have a high sense of discretion and boundaries. The family is seeking a nanny with a great balance of firmness and warmth. The ideal candidate for this role will be playful, energetic, flexible, and responsible.

A nanny who speaks Spanish is preferred for this role. Accommodations in NYC and Miami are a private bedroom and bathroom, and in some locations the nanny will share a room with the baby. A COVID vaccine and the ability to swim is required for this role. If you are legal to work in the US and would like be considered for this role, please apply to AS289.