Part time Nanny in Franklin, TN

Type of Job

Part time Live out

Published Date

May 4th, 2022

Job Location

Franklin, TN

Published By

Southern Standard Nannies

About the Agency

About the job

This family is seeking a creative and energetic nanny who puts learning at the center of spending time with children. Whether you’re roaming the family’s property and playing make believe, watching their chickens grow, playing Barbies or reading chapter books, they are hoping you are engaging and allowing the children to “choose their own adventure.” They have a G5, B2, B5mo. They live in North West Franklin, very close to Bellevue.

HOURS: Monday – Friday 3-4 hours per day (can be flexible on hours, but once they are set they will remain consistent) + occasional weekend help with notice.
GUARANTEED HOURS: 20 hours/week
DURATION: long term, 1 year commitment required


This family values education, their faith, having fun and laughing every day, outdoor time, and allowing children to grow into who they are meant to be. They have a unique approach to their children’s education that pulls from Montessori, REI, and the Charlotte Mason approaches, each highlighting a distinguished element of how this family hopes to raise their children. They currently homeschool/ attend a small homeschooling group. Knowing these different approaches isn’t necessary, however they would love to be able to have their nanny implement certain aspects of each school of thought throughout the day. If you’re fascinated with child development, especially alternative paths, this might be the right fit! The family has a consistent daily routine, so whichever part of the day their nanny is there, they would want someone on board with what they typically do.

This family isn’t big on TV time and they encourage their kids to do as much as they can on their own unless they ask for help. The environment they want to nurture is one of independence, accountability, and conversation. Natural consequences is their main form of discipline and they don’t spank or put their kiddos in time out. They would expect their nanny to talk out situations and emotions with the kids as they do.

Mom is really looking for some relief during the day so she can get things done, take her youngest to doctors appointments, and take care of herself and their home. A non-negotiable for them is someone who cannot work weekends, they do need weekend care occasionally and are being intentional with how many people their children are around, so they would prefer not to have babysitters and stick with a nanny who can help on weekends too. When mom has the kids and there is downtime, they would like someone who can help out around the house with laundry, meal prep or loading/unloading the dishwasher. Mom needs a second set of hands with the kids and the house, so someone who is happy to help with either would be great.

- 3 years of professional childcare experience (nanny, preschool teacher, daycare employee, etc.)
- Experience with babies, toddlers and early elementary ages
- Comfortable adapting to a family’s parenting and teaching style
- Have a big imagination and a curious, adventurous, creative outlook on playtime
- Be open minded and self aware
- Love to play/be outside and encourage the kids to get outdoors in all types of weather
- Comfortable working in a home with a dog and outdoor chickens
- Valid driver’s license and safe driving record
- Be on board with the family’s goal of being outside for 1,000 hours this year!

*The family is not requiring the covid vaccine and is hoping to find someone who does not/will not be receiving it any time soon.

HOURLY: $22- $25/hour gross DOE