Full time Nanny in La Jolla, CA

Type of Job

Full time Live out

Published Date

May 5th, 2022

Job Location

La Jolla, CA

Published By

Seaside Staffing Company

About the Agency

About the job

Family in La Jolla is looking for a fun loving and energetic nanny for their 2 little girls. Their oldest is in preschool the majority of each day, but when she is home, she loves to play with the nanny and keep busy with things like art, painting, drawing, imaginative play, and story telling. Their current nanny is really great with this and loves being creative with the kids, so looking for their next nanny to do the same. There are also lots of after school activities(dance, karate, soccer) you will need to drive to and there is a family car to use. The youngest is home each day and has a very big, fun personality. She is very active and extraverted. Both parents work from home, so they really love a nanny who loves to get out of the house with the kids and do activities---the park is a very regular spot for this family. Kids will always be the nanny's main focus, but the youngest does still nap, so nanny will be expected to help out with things like kid laundry, meal prep, etc. They like to stick with very healthy foods and meals for the kids and mostly avoid sugar. They follow a positive parenting approach with no negative discipline and feel it is very important to listen to their children about their feelings. There is one small dog in the home.

Required Skills:
MUST BE VACCINATED. Must have a clean driving record and comfortable driving children.