FT Toddler Nanny in Oklahoma City

Type of Job

Full time Live out

Published Date

May 5th, 2022

Job Location

Oklahoma City, OK

Published By

Nanny Counsel

About the Agency

About the job

A family relocating to Oklahoma City is in search of a full-time nanny to join their team caring for their toddler girl starting in May 2022. They are in the Nichols Hills area, and the typical schedule will be Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm, with 40 guaranteed hours per week + some travel. There might be an occasional opportunity for overtime if the nanny is open to it. Dad works full-time out of the house and the nanny will be working alongside Mom.They currently have a wonderful nanny they absolutely love, but unfortunately she cannot relocate with them to Oklahoma, so they are on the search for a new nanny! They truly welcome their nanny into their home as a part of the family. Their mindset is “our house is your house - we’re all in this together”. They encourage their nanny to make herself at home, eat any food in the fridge/pantry, if mom is cooking she will also make enough for the nanny eat or if they are ordering food they always ask their nanny what she would like. They are very generous and the type of family to never forget their nanny’s birthday, and they make a point to help take care of her and show appreciation.

Their ideal nanny has experience with toddlers and is confident within their role as a nanny. They are very excited to raise their daughter alongside a nanny who has experience. They would love someone who has insight on how to navigate toddlerhood and knows what milestones to look for. Since they are first time parents, they are very open to suggestions based on their nanny’s experience and expertise. With that said, they are very hands on and ultimately want to make the decisions that are best for their family and household, so a nanny who can gently make suggestions while also being respectful is a must. Part of what they love about their current nanny is her ability to allow them to learn and grow alongside her rather than rigidly telling them what to do. Flexibility is key! In terms of parenting style, they describe themselves as child-led, flexible, open-minded, and more on the crunchy side. Interested candidates should align with a positive discipline approach and have a win-win mindset. Their ideal nanny is passionate about child development and education, as well as continuing their own continuing education and personal development. They love for their daughter to get out and about to explore the world around her and interact with others, so they are definitely looking for someone who is active and prioritizes being outdoors. Their ideal candidate is flexible and willing to take things day by day.

They are looking for someone who will truly become a part of the family and they would love someone who wants to be close enough to take a sense of ownership within their role. Their ideal nanny will truly love their child and respect their home as if it were their own. In return, the family offers mutual respect and highly values their nanny as a professional. In terms of job duties, they are looking for someone who will be responsible for anything and everything related to the child including laundry, organizing, toy rotation, keeping things clean/tidy, keeping inventory of items and replenishing when running low, and more. Interested candidates should have high attention to detail and awareness in order to pitch in and help out in places the parents may not even realize they need help with. Candidates who are either local to Oklahoma City or have lived there before, is a bonus! Since they relocating, they would love someone who is connected and familiar with the area.

- Schedule: M-F, 9am-5pm
- 1 child: 2 years old
- Start Date: May 2022
- 1 dog: 30 lbs
- Duties: Full charge childcare + child-related tasks such as laundry, organizing, keeping things clean/tidy, toy rotation, meal prep, planning outings/activities, keeping inventory of child items and replenishing when running low, pitching in where needed, etc.

- 3+ years Professional Nanny experience
- Experience with toddlers
- CPR/First Aid Certified
- Confident Swimmer
- Non Smoker
- Clean background and driving record
- Stellar references & letters of recommendation
- Safe vehicle that fits car seat (mileage reimbursement at IRS rate provided)
- Bilingual in Spanish is not required, but a bonus!!

- $25-$30+ gross per hour, DOE on payroll for 40 guaranteed hours per week
- Legal overtime
- Paid Vacation
- Paid sick days
- Paid Holidays