Live in Nanny in Chelsea, London

Type of Job

Full time Live in

Published Date

June 14th, 2022

Job Location

Chelsea, London

Published By

Leaman Consulting

About the Agency

About the job

Live-in nanny required to care for a happy, easy-going and independent 19-month-old girl. A sibling will be joining the family in November 2022.
The role will be sole care and the working hours will be Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm. Additional to this, the family require:
- 10 nights babysitting per month (weekdays only, unless by prior agreement).
- 28 days of proxy parenting per annum (weekdays and weekends as necessary). Working
hours are 24/7
- Cover for 5 weekends per annum. Working hours would be 7am to 7pm, with evening
babysitting by prior agreement
- 20 days of international or domestic travel with the Employers. Working hours would be
7am to 7pm, with provision for 10 nights evening or overnight cover if required.
The living accommodation in London is a ‘nanny flat’ with a private bedroom, en-suite bathroom and a separate sitting room with a fully installed kitchenette (including fridge/freezer/oven/cooker etc).
In Scotland, the family’s country house, the accommodation is a large bedroom with a sitting area and en-suite bathroom. The kitchen is shared with the staff and family, and there is a TV room that can be used upon invitation if unoccupied by the family.
The sole focus of the role in question is looking after the family’s children: their welfare, healthcare, food, play, entertainment, education and happiness. The family employ a daily housekeeper in London and their home in Scotland is fully staffed. Therefore, there would be no requirement to do any regular laundry or housework aside from keeping clean and tidy their own living spaces, and those of the children when needed.
A driver is essential (both manual and automatic), and a car will be provided. In London, this car is for nursery duties only; in Scotland, an estate car may be used on the nanny’s days off if available and by prior agreement only. It is expected that the nanny will always socialise outside of the family home on days off and will eat separately from the family. A food allowance of £50 a week is provided when in London.
Please kindly note that the family have two small friendly dachshunds called Smartie and Wagyu, alongside a number of other animals in Scotland, such as ponies, horses, pigs, cows and chickens. It is therefore essential that the nanny loves animals, nature and the outdoors, as this is a big part of the family’s life and much time is spent enjoying it. There is also an active expectation that the nanny will continue to cultivate and inspire this love and enjoyment of nature and the outdoors under their care.
The family in question are English. They are young, polite, discreet, modern and extremely down-to-earth. Both parents run their own businesses (from home). They are looking for a professional, enthusiastic and kind nanny who is caring, proactive, energetic and creative. It is also extremely important to the family that the nanny is open-minded as they want their children brought up by people who share the same liberal values as they do.
Candidates must hold a valid Paediatric Fist Aid certificate and be DBS checked.