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We can help advertise :

- Nanny, Governess & Maternity Nurse / Newborn Care Specialist jobs

- English & French speaking Nanny jobs

- Bilingual Nanny jobs (Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Mandarin, Greek, Portuguese, Arabic etc...)

in the following locations : UK, USA, France & Monaco, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia & worldwide.

We allow job ads written in English or French.

We currently have a database of 3000 candidates and an average of 600 visitors per day on our website, and both our candidate database and our website's traffic keep growing steadily.

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Please note : 

Jobs for Nannies will never disclose your name and contact details.

Interested candidates will be required to send their application to Jobs for Nannies.

And Jobs for Nannies will forward those applications to the email address you provided. 

We review all job ads before they are published and any discriminatory terms will be removed from your ad.

To attract the best candidates, give as many details as possible in your job description and make sure your job offer is competitive enough.

You must also ensure that your job offer complies with the laws and regulations in force in the country of employment.

If you find suitable candidates via Jobs for Nannies, we strongly recommend the following :

- arrange a video or face to face interview, followed by a short trial to make sure you are a good match

- most importantly, proceed to a thorough check of references, police check and certificates

*** Jobs for Nannies cannot help you find an "Au Pair" ***

Your responsibilities as an employer

Interview and trial

If the Family wishes to arrange a face to face interview and/or a trial period, then the Family must cover all business expenses.

During trial periods, Candidates must be paid at an agreed rate.



Nannies are employees of the family for whom they work. For this reason, parents who employ a nanny must take the steps necessary to establish themselves as legitimate employers.

The Family should provide the Candidate the Contract of Employment, where all duties, rights, obligations and conditions are clearly stated. All terms and conditions of the contract are regulated between the Candidate and the Family. 


For all temporary positions (less than 3 months) and for all Maternity Nurse / Newborn Care Specialist positions, the Candidates status can be that of a self employed person.

Candidates must be independent contractors and will bill their services to the families. In that case, Candidates should provide their Terms and Conditions to the Family.​


Flights, Visas and work related expenses


For overseas positions : the family employer is responsible for providing the initial flight over to the country of the family home at the commencement of the employment along with the return flight back to the employee's home country at the end of the employment contract. The employer will also usually provide one return flight home per year for the employee to take their annual leave.

The employer is also responsible for obtaining the appropriate work visa for their new employee. This includes insuring that all related costs are covered.

Taxes and health insurance


If the Nanny is working on a self employed basis, it is their responsibility to pay their social contributions. Otherwise, the employer is responsible for paying the employee's social contributions.


Accommodation & Food


If the position is " Live in " : 

- A private and separate bedroom must be provided. The bedroom must be clean and of a good condition. It is also recommended you supply the candidate with a separate bathroom and access to the internet.

​- The employee's food has to be provided and paid for by the employer. The employer should provide 3 square meals a day.


Travel times with the family


If you require the Nanny to travel, all travels related expenses (flights, accommodation, food etc...) must be covered by the family. Appropriate visas and travel/health insurance should also be provided by the family.

If the Nanny is required to work overtime during family travels time, then she should be paid overtime at an agreed hourly rate or rewarded time off in lieu to be taken at an agreed time.

Schedule & Salary Guide


Full time Nannies usually work 40 - 50 hours per week over 5 days.

Some Nannies may agree to work up to 60 hours per week or to work 6 days per week.

However, if you require more than 50 hours per week, or more than 5 days per week, we recommend that you hire 2 nannies (1 Full time + 1 part time), as this is a much more attractive arrangement

If you require 24 hour care : in such cases we always recommend having two rotating nannies doing shift work (3 days on/3 days off, 2 weeks on/2 weeks off...)

Nanny & Governess salary

France & Monaco : 12 to 25 euros per hour

London : 12 to 25 GBP per hour

USA : 20 to 35 US dollars per hour

Europe : 12 to 25 euros per hour

Candidates relocating overseas (Middle East & other worldwide locations) : 1000 to 2000 euros per week

Maternity Nurse & Newborn Care Specialist salary

France & Monaco : 250 / 350 euros per 24 hour

London : 250 to 350 GBP per 24 hour

USA : 30 to 60 US dollars per hour

Europe : 250 / 350 euros per 24 hour

Overseas bookings (Middle East & other worldwide locations) : minimum 300 euros per 24 hour

Salaries vary depending on :

- the candidate's skills, qualifications & experience (for example : bilingual candidates usually have higher rates)

- exact location, benefits, type of contract and other work conditions.

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