Travel Newborn Care Specialist Palm Beach, Paris, Egypt & Austria

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Published Date

March 25th, 2022

Job Location

Palm Beach, FL

Published By

British American Household Staffing

About the Agency

About the job

A sweet family in Palm Beach is looking for a traveling newborn care specialist for their 10-month-old to begin preferably as early as this weekend, 3/26. The family will be traveling to Paris, Egypt, and Austria from April 2nd through April 24th. The ideal candidate will begin this weekend to give time to get to know the baby and will be comfortable with staying on up to a week after the family arrives back from their travels to acclimate to getting back home. The family also has 2 older sons, ages 6 and 4, but the care is for the baby only.

Regarding accommodations the family will be staying at a hotel in Paris and the NCS will share a room with the baby. In Egypt the family will be staying on a private yacht and the NCS will share a room with the baby. In Austria the family will be staying at a family member’s home so the NCS can stay in the baby’s room or have her own private room. In Egypt the boat will be docked in multiple different cities and the parents and older children will be sightseeing off the boat, but the NCS will stay on the yacht with the baby. While traveling in Paris and Egypt it will be a 24/7 role and while in Austria the NCS may have 1 day off a week for sightseeing. While in Florida before and after the trip the NCS will work a 20/6 schedule, 20 hours a day and 1 day off per week.

The baby often sleeps through the night for 6 hours at a time. She also takes 2-3 naps a day. She is starting to walk and is being weaned from nursing. She is allergic to perfume so the NCS cannot wear perfume and the family also requests that the NCS does not have long artificial nails. The ideal candidate is trustworthy, discreet, easygoing, easy to communicate with, comfortable being in the background, and knows when to step in and step out. The yacht will be shared with the principal’s formal household extended family members so a background in formal households is desired for this role. The candidate also has to have a current US Passport and due to France and Austria's entry requirements the candidate must have had their most recent COVID vaccine within 9 months (so fully vaccinated within 9 months or boosted within 9 months).

You must be COVID vaccinated, legal to work in the US, and have a US Passport to apply for this role. If you are interested in this position, please apply to HN043.