Summer Holiday Nanny in Devon, UK & Biarritz, France

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Published Date

June 7th, 2022

Job Location

UK & France

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Royal Nannies

About the Agency

About the job

We are looking for a temporary travel nanny for our returning clients.

It is necessary that nanny is comfortable driving on both sides and it would be ideal for the nanny to be based in Europe.

The charges will be 7 yo boy, a 5 yo girl and a 19month old toddler.

They are arriving in the UK on the 15th July and leave for Hong Kong on the 15th August.

They are renting houses/villas for the family at each stage of the trip so there will be a separate room for a nanny available at all accommodation.

They will be staying in Sidmouth (UK) the first week, then going to Biarritz (France) for 2 weeks, then the last week is in Devon. The only other kids involved will be family relative 2 children in the first week at Sidmouth, who they handle quite well on their own. Extra work might be one evening if they will go for dinner, babysitting family's kids and their 5 year old and baby might be needed for a couple hours.

All the accommodation has availability for a separate room for a nanny but not necessarily a separate bathroom.

Ideally they want someone who can help drive in Uk/Europe and who is comfortable swimming – mum keen to look after her littlest (Rupert 20 months) particularly in the evening herself and she is hands on with the other two but she will have meetings - probably largely in the mornings Europe Time.

She would like someone who is fair but firm, able to instil good manners (particularly eating) and someone who is generally a consistent disciplinary force in their lives.

Please only apply if you are able to do the full period, and you must be a DRIVER on both sides and SWIMMER.