Live in Nanny in the UK, France & Portugal

Type of Job

Full time Live in

Published Date

May 11th, 2022

Job Location

UK, France & Portugal

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International Nanny

About the Agency

About the job

Holistic nanny - full time, long term, live in (UK- France- Portugal)

Reference: 341

Position: Holistic Nanny

Location: UK- France- Portugal

Situation: Live-in

Work: Full time

Term: Long-term

Start Date: ASAP

Salary: 1,000-1,500 GBP/week

Family Background & approach

Family of 5 – Mum, Dad and three boys - 10mths, 4-year-old and 6-year-old
A lovely, health-conscious and alternative-minded family, who have a gentle and playful approach to parenting, and are very involved in their children’s daily lives (they work from home) and would like to find someone with a similar philosophy as well as a fun, creative, open-minded, respectful, adventurous, and positive energy. They are a bit of a mix of gentle parenting, forest school, RIE, and Waldorf in their approach.

American and Argentine parents who speak English and Spanish at home.

English is a must, with Spanish or French a plus. Finding the right person is more important than the language.

Current plan
5 months UK – East Sussex now until Sept
4 months in France – Sept until early Jan 2023
Portugal – being renovated

The children can be quite sensitive and introspective, so it is important to find a match to their personalities. The parents have an unschooling/world schooling approach to education and the oldest is now getting to the place where he is so curious and specific in what he wants to learn, create, etc that it would be great to have someone who could assist him more directly. Over the next year or two, this need will grow, and they will want someone who can help with organizing, supporting, and driving his educational desires. So, while it's not essential today, it would be great to have someone who could support him in this phase and potentially grow into the next phase (if they are looking for a longer-term role).

Information from Parents

Our boys are now ten months, four and six years old. Someone who is fun, grounded playful, flexible, easy-going, understanding, gentle, kind, patient, enjoys the outdoors and making things like nature crafts would be a great fit. We are unschooling our children and spend time mostly in the countryside. We enjoy a lot about the Waldorf and RIE approach, although we are not following anything in particular.

We would love to find a long-term fit, someone who can help with all three boys, someone who is sensitive and/or more of an introverted person and who can be very connected and in tune with the energy of the home and our children.

Working hours
Working 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday with the ability to stay later or come back occasionally (due to an evening work call or if one of the parents is travelling).
The family are looking for someone who is crafty, really playful and who can also bring new ideas, and new games and initiate different nature projects or science projects from the books the family have in the home. Being flexible and adaptable is important, with the children’s ideas and preferences for the day possibly coming first, and the realisation that it could take a week or two weeks for the Nanny’s idea to happen if the kids are really into some new theme or idea.

COVID/ Vaccination Info

They are open to Staff who have and who have not been vaccinated, or not had the booster (but would expect the unvaccinated to be more cautious).

UK - rent something off-site for the Staff

France - rent something off-site or use accommodation on-site (depending on expected visitors).
Currently rent 2 x staff cars so one can be always used for work and the other for leisure.