French Home School Teacher in Europe & the US

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Full time Live in

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March 4th, 2022

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Randolphs Recruitment

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One of our private clients, a busy family is looking for a qualified and experienced home-school teacher, to work with their 2 children age 9 and 7 (born September 2012 and October 2014).

The family travel around the world for the parent’s jobs and the Teacher would be required to travel with them and be prepared to teach the children, wherever they are in the world.

While the core curriculum will be in French, the tutor will be required to ensure that the children are supported with the English language including reading, writing and communication as well as working with the other subjects such as maths, history, geography, art and creative studies being in taught in French.

They will need to use innovative and exciting ways to engage learning which will include taking the children on outings to help bring the curriculum to life. It is also important that the children have opportunities to socialise and interact with other children their age. The teacher will be responsible for identifying and linking with groups for them to attend to ensure that this takes place wherever the children might be.

Working hours will be 8 hours per day (8am – 4pm), Monday to Friday. Holidays will be as per the usual school year, but subject to possible change depending on the family’s movements.
Learning will take place in a school room in the family home. The teacher would be required to work with the family and with other household staff to ensure that the school rooms are fully equipped with the necessary resources.

This is a fully staffed household and includes rota nannies (all with whom the teacher will work very closely) for the 2 children and their younger siblings.

Separate accommodation will be provided for the teacher along with an appropriate visa and transport to enable them to work in the various locations.
The family have a number of pets (cats and dogs).

To start: March 2022

Salary: £1,500 gross per week